Mybank.com.au has been associated with Print Magic since 1986. They provide all our promotional and marketing printing related material.

We have been consistently impressed with their quality of work and professionalism both in reliability and speed of service. We are more than happy to recommend them for your comprehensive printing requirements.


Dear Rick and staff at Print Magic,

Thankyou for all your help when we were in dire straits recently.

We had a specific deadline and had relied on you and your staff to deliver our awards immediately.

You delivered!

Thankyou for a job well done and for always letting me know where you were at, with our order.

Job well done......

Thanking you and regards,

Leanne Dunn
(Miller Trechnology High School)

Rick and the team at Print Magic are a very professional outfit.
It is always a pleasure to deal with a company who try their best to give you a competitive price whilst providing the highest quality. Their turnaround time is realistic and Rick has always been straightforward with his advice.
Very easy to detail with regarding emailing, phone, payment options, also straightforward invoicing. In the past our company has used numerous suppliers for our printing, clothing & safety supplies, but now we contact Rick and the team first.
Our company highly recommends "Print Magic" for all your companies requirements.

Best regards