Citymapper, the public transport and journey-planning app, last week launched a Citymapper Mobility Index, a data feed comparing how many journeys are being planned across cities against a normal day. Tags. This is interesting! share. Launching Next is a community of tech startups. Citymapper Mobility Index : an indication of how much travel has dropped in Toronto over the last month. hk mobility fell faster, further than singapore’s finds transit app By James Ockenden on April 14, 2020 • ( Leave a comment ) Hong Kong mobility plunged faster and further than Singapore’s during the Covid-19 crisis, according to the Citymapper Mobility Index (CMI), which tracks the number of trips planned by people using the Citymapper […] This app really changes the way you trave… Posted. Monday, March 30, 2020. Citymapper Mobility Index: % of city moving compared to usual. Easily navigate your city with turn-by-turn directions for all your public transport, walking, cycling and scooter trips. THOUSANDS OF 5 STAR REVIEWS * "Life changing. save hide report. Switch City. Citymapper Mobility Index % of city moving compared to usual. 20 comments. Follow Us. Citymapper, a route-planning app with 20m users, has created a “mobility index” that estimates how much people are moving around in a selection of 40 cities, compared to a typical day. CMI is supposedly based on citymapper searches - and presumably some Go data (which tracks you throughout your journey). ‎Instantly compare your travel options in real-time across all transport modes globally! Citymapper PASS. Give Citymapper Mobility Index some love: comments powered by Disqus. CITYMAPPER’S new mobility index has revealed how Londoners are ignoring the government’s pleas to stay home. Visit Citymapper Mobility Index . Home; Citymapper Mobility Index; Company; Pass; Jobs; Contact; English Picture. We’re proud to announce Citymapper Pass, a subscription to all mobility, with a beautiful smart travel card, integrated with our everyday multimodal mobility app. If I were to do this, I'd make a rough estimation on the number of citymapper searches relative to actual journeys (which could be based on the London Underground passenger counts dataset, under Network Statistics). Extraction des données brutes publiées par Citymapper à… This dataset has been published on March 26, 2020 and updated on March 26, 2020 on the initiative and under the responsibility of Antoine Augusti
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