Potatoes are great for container gardens. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are a versatile vegetable whose yields depend upon variety, planting and growing techniques, as well as weather conditions. This variety is also... Add to basket. Each potato variety is bred by breeders for a specific climatic zone. Maturity – Choose varieties which mature in succession – aim to have harvesting completed by the end of October. Established in 1920, C. Meijer B.V. has always remained a family business and the UK representation ‘Meijer Potato UK’ is no different, marketing approximately 30,000 tonnes of seed annually. Yield – High yields are essential to enable producers to make a profit. Potatoes vary widely in their texture, taste, shape and yield per plant. Second earlies take another 2-3 weeks. Acoustic is also suitable for biological cultivation, is stress-resistant and resistant to extreme weather conditions. This manual is a guide in the production of potatoes in Kenya, focusing on ware production. Maintains its color after cooking. ‘Salad’ potatoes are earlies that are particularly good when eaten cold. Access to food is not self-evident in all areas of the world. View more. Hills. High yielding variety with medium to large tubers. BUY. Discover our varieties. All particulars are based on official variety trials and/or our own experience. View more. Less susceptible than Russet Burbank to tuber shape and physiological problems induced by moisture stress. For more high yield container garden plants click here. In general, however, any advice that relates to high yield and quality tuber production is applicable to seed potato seed production too. The Mozart potato is a moderately high yield potato which maintains good bruising tolerance, cooking quality, storability, scab resistance, and a uniform large tuber size and shape. Good all rounder with delicious taste and floury texture. Particularly good for baking and chips as well as being an excellent new potato … A dark blue skinned potato with dark blue flesh. Nicola Widely grown Dutch variety, one of the best for boiling, also good in salads: 3. It is susceptible to bruising and soft rot. Probably the most popular salad potato in Britain. Pentland Crown. Shannon. Adirondack Red Adirondak Red A bright red skin and streaked to solid red flesh potato. View PDF. Slug resistant. This potato has a high yield on both light sandy soil and on heavier clay soil. Table & baby. Reference- nhb.gov.in Siena Very tasty. Providing a red skin that features a yellow coloured flesh after cooking, this oval potato varies from slightly susceptible to resistant. INTRODUCTION Many factors influence potato yield and quality and among these are cultivar, plant population, soil type, weather conditions, water management, fertilization, seed piece size, pests and diseases (Khalafalla, 2001). Long tubers. This is the traditional method that our parents and grandparents used, and it’s the most practical for large plantings. The Umatilla Russet is a medium late potato variety, wiht medium to high yield and good tuber uniformity. From: £5.49. In the past a long/oval shape was a plus for a new variety. Russet Burbank The classic American potato, excellent for baking and french fries: 4. Earlies or new potatoes are delicious eaten straight away, but they don’t store well. Introduced in 2018, these innovative potato varieties are bred to have natural resistance to late blight, a devastating potato disease. Potato varieties. Zucchini potato starch can find numerous uses in manufacturing of foods and other products. Nowadays the market is looking for yellow skin potatoes with less long shape, it should have taste, and both frying and oven quality. For example, an early variety is good in the southern regions, but is completely unsuitable for cultivation in the northern region. An Innovative Farmers field lab tested heritage varieties of potato and found that all varieties, including newer breeds, performed well for yield and blight resistance. We have found it to be much more scab resistant than other blue potatoes. This potato crop matures in 100-110 days and yield is about 35-40 tonnes per hectare. ACCORD . Adirondack Blue. Tuber specific gravity is higher and more uniform than Russet Burbank; lighter fry color that holds up well throughout the storage season. Key words: Plant spacing, potato yield, potato quality, potato varieties. High yield of round potatoes with red skin, white waxy flesh, and superb flavour. Utkal Tubers develops high-yielding disease-resistant varieties of potato seeds in a state of the art tissue culture laboratory and aeroponics facility adapted to regional climate, soil type and from virus free mother plant. Reduced Time and Cost. Healthier Seeds . Danespo is continually working to bring new potato varieties into the market. animal feeds. Growing High-Yielding Varieties. We are impressed with its aggressive growth habit and yield. Can even be left in the ground as a maincrop. They are moist and floury once they have been cooked and are a great all-round potato variety. Potato farmers in India can expect higher yields and profits with the release of a new variety, Kufri Lima. Among them: mid-early Nevsky and Good luck. There are universal species that give good harvests in any region of Russia. This is a full size potato, similar to Carola in yield and size out. Eating quality – Although quality preferences of consumers are changing most consumers prefer high dry matter potatoes and red skinned varieties. Optimally matched material with good care guarantees a good harvest. Tasty table potato with pure traits. To succeed, you need to prepare an area by tilling or turning and raking the soil so that it’s soft and loose. Enhanced Tuberization. Wilja A high yielding variety with a russeted skin. These types of potatoes are best in soups and stews, and they’re great for potato salad. Unique in the UK potato market. Accord is a high yielding early bulking variety suited to early processing and fresh markets, with short term storage potential. If your soil hasn’t been amended recently, you’ll want to mix in some compost as well. We breed potato varieties to satisfy market needs, now and in the future. Attractive, bright uniform oval tubers with cream skin and flesh. The Average Potato Yield Per Plant. It is susceptible to bruising and soft rot. We are impressed with its aggressive growth habit and yield. And one more variety is introduced in recent years, Kufri Lima. The combination of pure traits makes Acoustic a tasty table potato. Speedier Supply Chain. However, as potatoes are natural products we cannot undertake any liability for these details. Ukrainian Farmer: I Hope for a High Yield of Late Varieties of Potatoes. Established in 1920. The National Institute for Agrarian Innovation (INIA) has developed a new high-yielding sweet potato variety called INIA 331 - Bondadosa, with high genetic quality, which will improve the… varieties, competence & service early premium quality ware potato Julinka attractive oval tubers very high marketable yield uniform grading, excellent suitability for packing. However, they also work well in dishes where they’re baked or roasted, and they’ll hold their shape when boiled as well. Will grow successfully in any type of soil and makes very nice tasting mash, baked and boiled potatoes. This is a full size potato, similar to Carola in yield and size out. This means that our Agrico Next Generation varieties contribute to the global sustainability and maintenance of potato cultivation, while retaining excellent consumption properties and good yield. The goal is to create better, more competitive varieties which satisfy both growers' demands for disease resistance, agronomic qualities and profitability as well as meeting the demands of consumers and the manufacturers of processed potato products Pentland Crown produces large numbers of bold white tubers that have a floury texture of flesh. Competitive varieties of seed and ware potatoes. Transforming Potato Farming. Kennebec potatoes are one of the best varieties for pest resistance and hyper productivity. Anya A salad with a distinctive flavour. High value potato varieties. First earlies are quickest to mature, taking as little as 10 weeks. Potato varieties are grouped according to how long they take to mature. Add to basket. SALAD. photosynthetic pigment content as a consequental resistance sign of potato varieties to high temperature and moisture lack Variety is a major determinant of yield. Our potato varieties allow us to respond to the changes in the potato value chain. The Innovative Farmers network have been researching into blight resistant potato varieties, finding several heritage varieties and newer breeds with high yields and good resistance. Bred in Peru, a high yielding variety good for both baking and frying: 2. Building on potential . Charlotte Seed Potatoes. Yellow skin and yellow flesh colour. We face challenges in the availability of land and water, in climate and regulations, while the global demand for potatoes grows as a primary good and as a comfort food. It can bear high temperature and is virus resistant and give higher yield in compare to other potato varieties. Good boiled, mashed, roasted or baked. A popular variety and bestseller among potato gardeners and top chefs alike, Yukon Gold potatoes come with a fine-grained, dense flesh that’s great at holding shape while you cook. Colleen is an early bulking variety with waxy flesh and also medium dry matter. Just one tuber can yield 15 or more spuds at the end of the season (that’s 50% more than most varieties). Monique hilling potatoes in the High Mowing Trials field. It is a first early with good disease resistance and high yield. Improved Varieties. High yielding variety with medium to large tubers. Oct 21, 2020; Denys Voroniy, the founder of Elite-Vegetable LLC in the Chernihiv region (Ukraine), evaluates this year as three-plus on a five-point scale. Developed in collaboration with the International Potato Center (CIP for its acronym in Spanish) and the Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI), Kufri Lima, proved to be both early, heat tolerant and virus resistant, preferred traits by local farmers. According to AgroTimes, the farmer grows table and chips potatoes on dry land. A white/yellow fleshed variety with a waxy texture making it a good candidate for a tasty potato salad. High disease and pest resistance give this white tuber a high yield and good appeal to all growers looking for a bountiful harvest. For market garden seed potato varieties please visit www.edmontonpotatogrowers.com. High yield. This potato is suitable for making French fries. On the other hand the first priority for the farmers is high yield, easy cultivation and some resistances like common scab.
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