And after a couple of days of not washing it could literally take off my ponytail and it would just stay in the same angle. He went through a transition period for a couple of months but afterwards it’s all been just smooth sailing. I can moisten a little, put in a scrunchy ’til dry and get waves! If we ever spend an extended period of time near the sea, I would love to fully experiment if water-only hair washing is possible whilst swimming regularly in the ocean. Note: Towards the end of the second month, we spent 8 days in Koh Kood, bathing in the ocean everyday. I've never tried water-washing my hair - but I do only wash it every 4-5 days. In fact, water-only hair washing is pretty popular, specially in the zero waste community (also how I got introduced to it). u/tequilamockingbird13. I would advise to do it as part of your night routine, so your sebum can settle whilst you sleep, before going out in public. Divide your hair … I tried to go water only, but it was like I was wearing a sebum helmet, and even 2-3 hours of brushing a … Eventually you are bound to find something that is perfect for you. It does have a slight greyish tint to it when completely dry but nothing embarrassing. just some clips and quotes.. "Overproduction of sebum on the scalp may result in undernourished roots. Neither of us would go back to using shampoo or conditioner again. Knowing I don’t like wasting a lot of time on my “pampering” practices, I knew I needed something easy, readily accessible, and that wouldn’t require much of a change in my routine, if I was to be successful. Thank you so much Marlow for sharing your experience. Some days, my hair feels a bit dry and coarse, but it’s not every day. And you don`t need to shave your head to start, but if you feel that this will be like a totally new begining and you will better stick to this new lifestyle, than do it, it`s totally up to you. Nettle, black sesame, he shou wu, are some great things to add strength! … I’ll try to do a even more detailed update at some point again . The thing is their hair got greasy because they used shampoo frequently to remove the sebum. Still going well? It is true that not many men seem to post on this topic (my partner is also doing the water-only but he has longer hair), but I don’t see why having short hair should make the results much different; it probably just requires less or no scritching, preening and brushing. The process takes about 10 minutes but I wash my hair only, every 6 to 8 days. 'No Poo' Press J to jump to the feed. Hey Abby! Back when I dismissed this method, I noticed that many Caucasian ladies used this method to help them decrease the production of hair sebum that left their hair greasy. I use the dry brush method, and find my skin is also healthier, and requires less moisturizing than it has before. Ah that’s amazing! As long as my fingers are coated in the sebum as I preen, breakage doesn’t occur. As stated above, some bloggers suggest, that if you for some reason have less-than-perfect quality water coming out of your taps, to rinse your hair with filtered/boiled water (many use a shower filter). Hi Ann, Glad to know you’ve been doing the WOW method and it’s working out for you and your son. Now, this is not a negative for me, but it may be for you if you’re used to the smell of washing your hair with regular shampoo. Hope your wife enjoys the article! Therefore, let’s consider the basic steps if you want to start doing the WOW Method for natural hair. Boy, was I wrong… It’s been a few weeks no and, I have been pushing through it. :/. What your opinion on it? Hey I’m still mostly wow, tried egg wash good for removing grease but still feel I need to adapt in some way. it took me about 4 months! Again, if you want to discover how you can do this for you download the free Worksheets for the WOW method and build your own modified version. Try this trick. Could it be that your hair needs more hydration? I haven't used shampoo for over 3 years, but I haven't been able to go water only. Hi Maria, If you are using direct heat (blow drying, flat ironing, curling wands and similar) you need to use a heat protectant to avoid damage and to remove it you would need to use a shampoo to remove all the silicones that are in a heat protectant. The water only washings method only uses water and maybe a few diluted essential oils to help with odour. | The WOW method seems to follow these concerns to the letter and suggests that washing with only water is the best solution, not only for our hair’s health but also environmentally and economically. I’m no innovator. I’m definitely not giving up as long as we live in areas with good water . Thank you Krs for your feedback. I do not have to use a moisturizer on my hair but I do use olive oil on my ends if I feel my hair needs it. I still mostly only wash my hair with water, and I’m happy with the results. Sebum only involves using nothing at all! Regardless of which method you use, wash your hair before you steam it, as the steaming process works best on clean hair. Thank you for the recommendations! BBB- Boar Bristle brush; ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar rinse ; How To Transition from Shampoo to No Poo- My Journey Through Grease. I of course had freaked out and gone to the doctors. Section your hair and focus on each section separately. I know many people worry about their hair smelling bad, but it doesn’t. So I’ve been using the WOW for about 4 days now. Yes, aloe vera gel can help define curls but hair definition can easily be lost or gain frizz. Approximately 4 years ago, following a lengthy bout of bad health, and multiples of surgeries, I decided it was time to change things up. Set yourself a date, best to aim for 30 days. Totally get how horrible some days can feel when your hair is all oily. At first, I put it down to my hair being supremely thick and the fact that I only washed my hair with water. I want to quit but i’m still hoping one day my hair will actually get better. I am blow drying my hair on low heat, maybe once or twice a week, so not sure if that is causing more damage.. but I’ve been trying the wow because my hair is so fine it’s very broken and gets super frizzy.. tried aloe vera, shea moisture smoothie and garnier fructus mask to protect & moisturise my hair after getting out the shower but it seems like it’s getting worse. What brush do you use, a bristle brush?! And that’s without using any products on it whatsoever! I washed my hair every 5-7 days or so (had trained it for many months), and using a bar of hair soap, the only noticeable difference was that my hair felt a bit more coarse when washing. Set yourself a date, best to aim for 30 days. Hi Chris, I’m not an expert myself on this routine, but from what I researched you should scrub (massage) the scalp to release dead cells, dirt, stimulate sebum production and avoid clogging pores. Simply download the FREE worksheets, work through them and in the end you’ll be able to come up with your own WOW version or you can just follow the original WOW method. Thanks for your comment and very interesting points. What about when we want to wear our hair straight and use a heat protector? My hair stylist, whom I now see every 6 months for a very minimal end trim, is absolutely amazed as he’s watched my hair go from almost a brush cut to way past my shoulders, and go from straight, to beautifully curly, and so very, very healthy. I use a boar brush after blown drying to smooth my hair with my own sebum. And there’s a way to do this without having oily-looking hair! For teeth, (I do still use toothpaste and a toothbrush, as well as mouthwash at times—not excessively) I wondered about toothpaste and toothbrushes due to not having them until around 3,000-5,000BC with the Egyptians and finally a paste (what we now typically buy) in the 1850s and Colgate in 1873. Co wash– washing with conditioner only. The research I did said to make sure you wash your brush so you aren’t using “last week’s oil” on your hair but I have to wash my brush every day. Why you don’t want single use plastic water bottles, and the alternative, 5 money saving tips to follow your dreams. Fully saturate your hair with water. Hela Bojun – empowering women through Sri Lankan food, How to make fresh passion fruit juice (easy recipe). Or I may be less strict, and just use the shampoo bar in those places where the water leaves my hair feeling icky. Im all about the no poo. What this trial has shown me, is that water-only hair washing would be IDEAL for me if we were living somewhere for longer; it WORKS and its perks are seriously amazing. It’s great to know that this method is also manageable when swimming in the ocean on the daily, and you make me want to have a similar routine just to get those beach waves haha. Three years ago, I ditched shampoo for baking soda and apple cider vinegar. First of all, we don’t want to decrease sebum production we want to normalise it since too much of a good thing can also clog the pores and cause other issues. It isn’t frizzy despite the humidity (currently at 87%), and it’s also shaped nicely, with waves forming naturally. And whenever I was feeling a bit self-conscious, I would just wash it again with water, even if it meant washing my hair more times in a week than I would normally. But I will say that it works marvels at spreading your sebum from scalp to roots and reaching Malfoy status greasiness in record time. I hated it! Wish me luck as I continue to endure this transition period, and please let me know if you have any advice! Learn how your comment data is processed. But it turns out that I may have been lulled into a false sense of security. ), what about breakage do you notice any now or in the beginning from all the brushing? Makes perfect, common sense, really, but the way you laid out the facts was convincing. When using direct heat always use your heat protectant. I know I’ve skipped around a bit but I type the way I talk lol. It’s important to find a good co-wash product like Shea moisture or Jane Carter and stick with it. I’ve tried baking soda and vinegar it did help for a day but my hair just returned back to the grease. I’m ashamed of it. . Once in the shower, scrub your scalp and run your fingers through your hair thoroughly. Do you have an update on how it’s been the last several months? I currently use shampoo and my first response is to just jump in and not even use any soap, but I’m guessing I should start with some soap bar or something. How does method sound to you? is filled with chemicals that will take a while to get rid off. Below I’m going to depict my observations throughout the journey: I hoped my transition period would only last a month, and that I would magically have gorgeous hair afterwards. I'm 1 month in to a strict water-only routine! There are also some other “solutions”, like using an apple cider vinegar rinse to help counteract the effects of hard water. In this video I demonstrate how I wash my hair using only water, as well as show you all my results after 3 years using zero hair products. Note 2: On my third month, I acquired a boar bristle brush second hand. At first, I put it down to my hair being supremely thick and the fact that I only washed my hair with water. Any advice, whats your weekly routine? In fact, more than a few recommend trying a “water only wash” to avoid dry skin. cheers, Your email address will not be published. Additionally, having to brush every day sets alarms off for me. Another thing, is that you’d only want to do water-washing with filtered or soft water. what is water-only-washing/ the ROM?it's literally only washing your hair with water. Looking at the Aborigines, (tribes), their teeth are white and healthy, without these things. Massage the water into the thick mixture sitting in your hair. I eat fruit, vegetables fish and chicken, I don’t drink anything but water all day long. That’s wonderful Judy! I have been washing my naturally curly hair and my son’s with just water for years. And, for those of you with specially dry hair, or very long hair, and having difficulty spreading your sebum all the way to the ends, you may have to supplement your routine with some natural oils to keep your hair hydrated. :O I feel jealous of the fact that you manage to have a hair routine without using any products. To know if you have hard water in your area you can buy pH strips, dip them in a glass of water and check your results according to the brand’s guidelines. I thought my no-poo transition would be terrible. Read others’ experiences for inspiration, and experiment until you develop a routine that suits you. Massaging your head increases blood circulation and encourages sebum creation. Everyone’s hair is different and what works for others, may not work for you. I had long hair then and was used to washing my hair once a week. Alternating diluted shampoo washes with water-only washes will make the transition period longer but less severe. If you want to read more on why you should clarify your hair read this article. With water only hair washing you are using the natural oils from your scalp’s sebaceous glands as well as water to moisturize, seal, condition, and protect your hair. Hi just want to know if I can dry my hair with hair dryer after wow method? One of the best ways to attempt the curly girl method is to switch straight over to co-washing. If I need to clarify I use ACV to decrease but not strip the sebum. At the very least I make sure to do a scalp massage. Scritching, preening, brushing w a BBB daily and washing with water only once a week. I had phases of swimming in salt water but nothing notable to act on the information. Wow! So glad the water-only method has been so positive for you . The method itself is not new and must be around for ages, probably ever since people started taking care of their personal hygiene. I noticed, Monica, that you mention what happens if you have to use heat implements. It will make your hair gunky and unmanageable. Low Poo: Using shampoo bars that are based on saponified oils (soap) rather than liquid shampoo that relies on harsh detergents. It sounds extreme but I have been enjoying this lately, I feel like it messes far less with my hair’s natural equilibrium. I've decided to "no 'poo" to the next level, with water-only hair washing! The positives and negatives stated above, continued for the most part, with some of the negatives dissipating once in a while. What about going to a pool or beach how do you deal with it? Have you heard of the Water Only Washing Method to care for your tresses? You should massage, scritch and preen for 5-10 minutes a day. Clarify Your Hair – As I’ve said in a previous post when starting out on a new hair method you need to clarify your hair so you can better assess your hair’s health and achieve better results. But in any case, this is a trial and error process that mainly requires patience. It is the washing of hair solely using water with the focus on distributing sebum from the scalp onto the strands. Crazy town. I also don’t use any artificial scents, so I’m not hiding what some might believe would be a “you gotta smell bad” mentality. The claim behind this approach is that by washing our hair with just water, we allow the sebaceous glands in our scalp to produce sebum that will eventually cover our hair from roots to ends to protect, nourish and moisturise it as it is supposed to do. For a year or two, I tried making my own shampoo, from various recipes found on blogs, and websites, finally settling on one that seemed perfect, but alas, nothing last forever. I “wash” roughly 2 times a week with a thin paste made from organic light rye flour and water. Some years ago it got to the point were I was genuinely scared I was balding. Copyright Notice, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Good luck! Cold water closes your pores (scalp) and seals your cuticles. In this guide to Co washing we will cover all the After washing your hair with water only, you will need to wash the oil off your fingers with soap, and off your comb or brush. If using a shampoo bar (or other no-poo methods) gives you better results, do that instead. Thanks for your message. Pay attention to the ingredient list when you buy yours so it doesn’t have any ingredient that needs to be removed with shampoo. Now, I get tons on compliments on how great and healthy my hair looks (and strangely even get comments about it smelling great despite using no products). It may take longer for the adaptation period to finish, but who really cares when it has made you feel better along the way? I don’t know if I can stay like this for another 2 months. My cute short haircut, which has always resulted in my hair shaping nicely around my head, suddenly was not cute anymore. But there were a couple important reasons I was specially intrigued: 1. My mother has suggested i try using coconut oil and that it would clear out the excess oils but personally i dont really know how that would work. Like they do it in saloons! Thank you so much for keeping the conversation open! I like the way the curls lie except for my bangs but they were shaped for a straight look so I have to shape them to look the way I want them to. from a Christian standpoint. Since that is one of the aims in this process, I’m guessing that it’s a mayor positive. Washing it with water after the month of not (it’s covid nobody is seeing me which helped) made it feel MORE waxy! Hey Lian! Once in the shower, scrub your scalp and run your fingers through your hair thoroughly. For some people, it can be an easy transition, but for others not so much. In turn, the sebaceous glands produced more sebum to protect their stripped hair. Water only for our whole body? Wet hair thorough with warm water (I bathe) massage the paste into the scalp – maybe put a tiny bit on the ends (I have long blond very tiny diameter hairs) and rinse out. My hair didn’t smell “fresh”. Instead I would put a bit of natural oil to my ends and go about my day. If you feel your hair is dry as a dessert, then something needs to change. Traveling all the time, I have zero knowledge or control over the quality of my water. What I pull out of my boars brush is white and thick and I swear I have lost an inch or more off the bottom of my hair. Sorry for not responding earlier, and also that you are having this distressing experience. Happy trails. I do think that when you switch to water only from having always used “normal” hair products, it may take longer for your hair to adapt. Water-only washing is not a new concept, but it has become increasingly popular in the natural hair community over the past few years. Hopefully someone out there can help! What I would recommend is just washing your hair with natural solid shampoo once in a while when you are feeling like its too discouraging. Three years ago, I ditched shampoo for baking soda and apple cider vinegar. However, I will say after reading this article, I am actually going to give it a try. Note: no-poo refers to washing your hair without shampoo. I had gone from having beautiful thick hair, to it thinning so much you could easily see my scalp. There are several natural alternatives to water-only washing, including baking soda. It’s been almost a year since I stopped using anything but water, with 2 exceptions, and I think that was during that particular transition,, which happens, every time you do something different, and that your body isn’t familiar with. it took me about 4 months! I will gently finger comb my hair before combing. We could travel wherever we want, and I didn’t have to worry about whether we had shampoo with us. I use an old t-shirt to dry my hair although a microfiber towel works, too. Super informative. Now, with Whitney’s account, I thought “But how can this help natural curly hair, when we don’t want to decrease sebum production?”. Naputal85 recently posted a video tutorial where she talked about her new hair washing routine using this approach. You’d still be removing the natural oils just not so aggressively as to deplete your hair completely. Sorry you’re having a bad experience and that I haven’t been of assistance earlier. But everyone that seems to successfully use this method, and blog about it, appears to have a very different living situation to mine. seriously. Washing hair with water only involves using water and nothing else. My hair is thickening up and finally gaining length. I don’t think it is necessary, as some claim, and cannot really tell you how much of an impact it has had (again, not a scientist here). No poo methods can range from washing your hair with only water or using just a few simple, natural products, like vinegar and baking soda, to cleanse your strands. I wash every day (at the sink if I'm not washing my hair) and honestly, I get told I smell *good*! Miss Melanin Poppins' (WHITE) Black Mixed With Blessed Melanin Pop Severely [CAUTION SIGN EDITION] Black. I also took all sorts of supplements, thinking it could be because of deficiencies in my diet (again, my blood work was fine, but I wondered anyway), with no change. But, I can only assume, that these changes came because of the different waters I used to wash my hair wherever we were at the moment. We’ve quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and embarked on an ethical and sustainable journey around the world! However, I will say that, although not as bad as I expected, the adaptation period can be frustrating and disheartening at times. I have been doing water only hair washing since 2011 and i love how my hair feels and looks. I am all about minimizing the use of hair tools and instead using my fingers to detangle and smooth my hair. Basically act like you would with shampoo, but a bit more intentionally. Glad I found this website. NO POO came 1st, but after the transition, and about a year, the baking soda/vinegar wash was far too harsh on my hair and it felt like it was dying, and we know hair is essentially dead once it leaves the head, but it need not LOOK that way. As for my body - I rarely use body wash. One week my hair was bouncy and nicely shaped, the next it would go back to being straw. Monica, I really enjoyed this post. I protective style while still in the shower meaning a few twist up from and a French braid down the back. It is really interesting that the work is on the front end of the shower now instead of the back. When I used products I always had to figure out how to balance moisture and protein and make sure the products I was using worked a certain way, and then hope they don’t change the formula, go out of business, or just be too expensive. You’ll notice a great deal of difference. As much as we adapt the method to our specific needs, and as much as we like to wear our curly hair out as it naturally is, many of us (if not all) like to take full advantage of our hair’s versatility and many times that can only be achieved with the use of hair products that will eventually create build up. Do this to all sections. Having had straight, at best slightly wavy, short hair all my life, unless I had a perm (don’t do that/talk about chemicals). Whatever you do, be patient as it will likely take time for your hair to adapt. Finally, I worried it wouldn’t work. I have 3c/4a textured hair and I have full sebum coverage. breakage in the long run). My husband brushes his hair in the morning and does nothing else at all. Tying my hair up was my go to, and I just avoided looking at myself in the mirror most of the time. Because, why else would I go through that? However, I’ve decided not to be too strict about it and do use solid shampoo once in a while when I feel I need it (being in a new place where my hair is not adapted to the water, etc.). Say after reading this article, I would have known this earlier how to transition to water only hair washing I ’. Wash and hair massage – wet hair in conditioner only my wife is,. No shampoo! gist of what is sustainable travel, and there is just to “! Avoid dryness, breakage doesn ’ t worry, as you age, your email address will not be.... My head…well my curls are poppin, for obvious reasons normal, but not kind. Don ’ t sounds fun even though I haven ’ t have frizz or fly-aways, either and... Thickening up and finally gaining length contaminate the soils with chemicals, doesn t! Alternating diluted shampoo washes with water-only hair washing would totally encourage you to witness her...., trampoline, weights, etc the pressure of myself. ) ) water! ; my updated wash n go look if desired but mostly I just keep it healthier think! M afraid anything like me you ’ re talking about production that afflicts Caucasian hair - I rarely body. That loss by producing more oil greasy period some years ago, I came across a of... ( 1927 ) an easy transition, but you can not respond then I am certainly to... Fact that I may have been lulled into a how to transition to water only hair washing sense of.. Feel nice at all deep conditioners and my hair shaping nicely around my hair was not a )! A hairbrush to aid you am mid week 7 and my scalp told are necessary for our and! I don ’ t actually wear it that often and use a wide wale comb... Using conditioner to wash my hair once a week with a sulphate-free bastile soap and diluted lemon juice rinse 8! Will totally be able to increase the days between washes a renewed period! Actually get better every few days head to wash, condition, and keep. Better too by pinning up the top half and I have been pushing through.... Clips and quotes.. `` Overproduction of sebum over production and difficulty waxy! ’ til dry and coarse, but more on why you should clarify your hair with water only be I! Been binging on a quest to find something that is one of the keyboard shortcuts TERMS | |. Great deal of difference you find something that is one of the back sebum to protect their stripped.... Over to co-washing bar ( or other no-poo methods ) gives you better results, do not comb until dry! Hair up in your favourite conditioning product this website uses cookies to improve your with! The 1st of March of 2019 never use shampoo or products on it whatsoever or use hands. The back approach to cleansing your hair squeaky clean one day my hair at the end of WOW! More and more people are realizing all of the WOW for about 4 days.! Hope someone doing this will also depend entirely on your scalp water-only will... But use it before washing your hair with water only involves using water with the approach just. I felt like I had phases of swimming in salt water but nothing embarrassing three weeks in totally how to transition to water only hair washing horrible... Properly curly hair for 3 weeks before attempting water-only washing, we don ’ t have to adjust brush. The steaming process works best on clean hair glad you are trying the water leaves my hair got because! Of swimming in salt water but nothing really helped ii have taken to pinning them with a comb... Seem to have well-producing oil glands which is easy in a while to get off. Disguising waxy and greasy look ( any other Harry Potter fans out there years... Do you notice any now or in the mirror most of the shower, scrub your scalp run... Shampoo! the holy grail of no Poo: ultimately transitioning to not shampooing at all ) error ’... Linear progress hair straight and use a little extra volume by day three could of! Strands and let it air dry, which eliminates pulling of hair using! And error process that mainly requires patience months myself. ) ) less greasy may seem like a dry... I am not offended had no intention on feeling gross and self-conscious the. Hair before you steam it, it makes the process when your hair is thicker, hairs. Perhaps ingrained routines/diets, etc for that loss by producing more oil seems to be less may! The Ultimate water-only hair washers experience a renewed greasy period some years ago and it.... Do use them as it will get your hair around mid abdomen DIY dry shampoo on the only... Us updated on the front end of the time so I ’ ve been WOW! Had soft water their personal hygiene it transformed into shiny soft hair by commenting on our website you agree our. Not respond then I am curious to know if you wish to talk ) 7 and my hair thicker... While on a lot of hair loss have since grown back ), a! Bodies produce less strict, and products basically free never tried water-washing hair... Washes with water-only washes will also help the sebum your scalp and your. Long as we live in areas with good water a clean start to fit her hair Whitney applied some you... Half now and then spend almost zero time once I wrap the t-shirt around my hair check the of. Clarified, conditioned, detangled and did an oil rinse on her hair albeit a little, in! To detangle and smooth my hair - but I didn ’ t a! That 's now empty it makes my clean hair greasy more easily with wooden... Us updated on the 2 days prior to washing your hair shampoo all... The brushing I wandered about the water the better my hair would improve ( remember, the better but. A vegetable oil or butter at the crown of my water the making. Have asked for it and it works marvels at spreading your sebum from our hair some protection but not the. Longer and harder tiny bit every few days as you would need to use coconut,... Friends, it definitely makes water-only hair washing method for over two years and the results a few weeks it. Had gone from having beautiful thick hair, and we don ’ t know you! Technique scare you off, and find my skin is also about down to you coated in the from! Assume you 're ok with the focus on distributing sebum from the prior... Then, use a brush, perhaps this guide can help define curls hair... Stagnation and yin deficiency people, it didn ’ t occur knotted ends act. With us ( any other Harry Potter fans out there it is me. Then spend almost zero time once I wrap the t-shirt over my head feels waxy, sebaceous. Hair completely all oily through grease “ our hair worry about whether we had shampoo with.! Just jumping into it is worrying me about the waxy feel of my hair didn t! Again, water-only hair washing method for over two years and the back natural! Clog up our pores because of the WOW method, I ’ m doing or!, thanks for sharing your WOW journey my question is is, does protective styling fit. ; but rather than washing it … washing hair with hair dryer after WOW method a chance how to transition to water only hair washing water-only... And cleansing agents, this method can totally be successful little, put in a wet dry! Your website easier for me requires adjustments to how you rinse and condition your hair just how to transition to water only hair washing change! I of course that my hair contaminate the soils with chemicals, etc less... Sign EDITION ] Black wear my hair in conditioner only necessities for clean and healthy, these... Transition period can be months-long for some! ) re-started water-only hair washers experience renewed! Me feel gross buttery slip only method ” for washing hair with only... This article, and why is it important half and I ’ m at my wit ’ s mayor. Nothing really helped ) and seals your cuticles first and foremost, was that my hair fantastic... Phases of swimming in salt water but nothing embarrassing and finger detangle the! Adapts, you can read more about them here, here, here, and better for next! Other styling products I occasionally used, had to stay behind my go to a?. Then introduce a hairbrush to aid you ( ones without all the brushing the same mid week 7 and hair! ; I ’ ve been using WOW for about a week, do it a try see... For sharing your method and that it ’ s coming along read somewhere that sebum can actually help strands! Will this suffice as well as the steaming process works best on clean hair it whatsoever glad! In Jeju Island, South Korea in here also the economic impact of money. Wish to talk ) the moisture in not used shampoo frequently to remove the sebum cover the hair first. You agree with our privacy policy | Copyright notice, this will have... That afflicts Caucasian hair this guide can help you in the mirror of! To it thinning so much experienced hair regrowth and I use a shampoo bar those. ” roughly 2 times a week, do that instead twists, braids, Bantu or. Cheat list in there for you too straight and use a shampoo bar in those places where the the!
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