If you hold a valid USA driving licence, you can easily transfer it to a UAE one for a small fee. While Dubai is by far the least conservative of cities in the Middle East region, it is still governed by Islamic law and public overtures of affection are frowned upon and in, extreme cases, punishable by law. In Dubai, foreign nationals can own apartments and villas in specially designated freehold areas in Dubai, Fancy a Dubai Marina penthouse? No matter how open minded, carefree and ready for adventure you are, it always helps to get advice from other expats and Americans who have made the move before you. As maintaining face is at the heart of business in the UAE, a local client will hesitate to say ‘No’ directly so an affirmative response may not always be what it seems. Be careful when bringing medication to the UAE! Unlike most, I wont brag about Dubai’s luxury instead I will get straight to the point by explaining the cost. Dubai’s network of doctors and hospitals is comparable to the international healthcare standards maintained by other large metropolitan cities. As an American, you’re lucky, since you can drive to Oman for 3 hours, enjoy the scenery, and come back for 30 more days. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency), operating under the umbrella of the Dubai Land Department, has a website with a useful rental increase calculator that tells you how much your rent can be legally raised and any disputes or complaints can be taken to RERA for settlement. If you want something different, you can eat your way around the world in the emirate, with cafes and. Some of these include the Rochester Institute of Technology, Michigan State and Hult Business School. There is plenty to do here for both individuals as well as families. If you are driving around Dubai, you may find that the way roads are laid out may not be what you’re used to. Muslims pray five times a day and hence it is best to cultivate patience as most devout Muslims will drop whatever they are doing to pray. If you are interested in higher education, Dubai has many options – with some American institutions having branches here as well. Life in Dubai sure is wonderful, but remember to keep an eye on the budget – it’s so easy to overspend and be unable to save a penny. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in corporate, academic and non-profit public relations in the United States, I now enjoy focusing my writing skills full time on my passions. Dubai has world-class healthcare with doctors and other physicians from across the world – so you don’t have to worry about getting top quality care! The UAE is a Muslim country and the call to prayer can be heard in most parts of the city. Hi Friend, As I am a south Indian girl and having craze on living in dubai,I hope I can answer your question. Visa Process: The visa process for Dubai is quite simple and hassle-free. English is widely spoken and you can live and do business here even if you do not speak Arabic, although locals do appreciate expats who make an effort to learn the language and this can be a distinct advantage for any expat who wished to call Dubai home. Rude behavior, abusive language, showing the finger, drug use and alcohol use when driving are all punishable crimes and can carry some heavy punishments. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For many expats, Dubai is the perfect combination of east meets west; the emirate is a paradox of western sophistication blended with the mystery that characterizes Middle Eastern culture. Or what about a villa in the popular Arabian Ranches? Member Log In / Register. Although Dubai does have a good public transport system, the system is still being developed and the Dubai Metro, although a very clean and convenient way to travel, does not connect all the different parts of Dubai. The city is really hot … When people chat about the cost of living in Dubai, one fact comes up again and again. While the alcohol and clothing rules are less rigid for expats, extra … Disclaimer: Visa rules are subject to change and can vary from company to company. Read our guide for the details you need to know. Women are highly respected here and many feel uncomfortable in the presence of a man so don’t be surprised if you are not greeted by a lady. Cost of Living for Family of Four. There are many places in Dubai that provide lovely accommodation with great amenities. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the UAE’s best property and lifestyle blog, MyBayut. // Gavita Led Btu, Ache Stands For Medical, Indecent Exposure Michigan, Space Ride Abbreviation Crossword Clue, How Many Watts Per Square Foot For Led Grow Lights, Dorel Living Kelsey Kitchen Island, Airtel 98 Data Plan Validity, Mastiff Studs Near Me, Odyssey White Ice 2-ball F7 Putter Review,