To Only Set "Current Location"A) Under Current location, select your current location from the drop down box and click on OK. (see screenshots above) B) Go to step 5. Once you perform a location and privacy settings reset, apps won't be able to use your location … Turn off your location. (see screenshots below) 3. If the website asking for your location calls on the new HTML 5 Geolocation API instead of trying to determine it based on your IP address, you’ll get a much more relevant result. It's best to change the default download location when you set up a new Windows 10 computer, reset your computer, or have only a few files in your original Downloads folder. If you want to provide an address, you can enter it under Enter an address (optional). With your permission, Location Services allows apps and websites (including Maps, Camera, Weather, and other apps) to use information from cellular 1, Wi-Fi 2, Global Positioning System (GPS) 3 networks, and Bluetooth 4 to determine your approximate location 5.. Apps that can show your location on the screen, including Maps, show your current (approximate) location using a blue marker. Now click on the location quick button to toggle your location access on or off. Select Settings > All Settings > System > Language & location. You can also change the location of your device using the Settings. Hi, Thank you for your interest in Windows 10 Technical Preview. In the search box, type location, and then click Enter a default location. 4. Please note: You can also switch location on and off via the Settings menu.The location of the setting will be different depending on your device or operating system. (Here’s a nice demo if you need a practice page.) You will set up your Android phone to be the host (or sender), and your tablet will be the receiver. Sign in to your Xbox One console. Solution 2: Turn location on or off for this device . If you're using a mobile device, such as a tablet or a laptop, there are plenty of times when allowing Windows 10 and third-party apps to access your location is convenient. It may take some time for the files to move from the old path to the new path. 2. Then you simply use an OTG cable and USB cable to go from the phone to the tablet, or connect via Bluetooth. When you restore your original settings, all the permissions that apps use to keep track of your device's location and provide services like weather and GPS will be revoked. Apps can find your phone's location to give you location-based info or services. If Google Location Accuracy is on, Google Location Services can collect data to improve location-based services. To Set "Default Location"A) Click on the Default location link at the bottom. Change your country/region on Xbox One. It is as simple as that. Learn about Google Location Services. Open the page that wants your location. How to Set, Change, or Clear Default Location for Windows 10 PC Some apps need to know when you’re in a specific location to work correctly. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Enter a postal code. 1. Click on the Location tab. You can get search results and ads in apps based on your phone's location. You need to be logged in as administrator to perform this function. Click Apply. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Let us check whether the location is correctly set in system settings. Press Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows or Chrome OS, or Cmd+Option+I on macOS. For instance, if you’ve asked an app to remind you to buy bread when you’re in the grocery store, the app will need to know when you’re in the store. For this go to start and search for 'change location' and check whether the location is correct.If not , please change the location to correct value and then see if changes appear in cortana as well. Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click on the Region and Language icon. When you make your first purchase in the new region, you'll be prompted to update your billing info. Then follow the instructions in the app to transmit the location information to your tablet. Learn how to change app location settings.