Here are five of the lures that work best and a few tips for fishing them properly when targeting bluegills and other bream. So when I smeared my soft plastics with my best 30+ sunscreen to see if it was true, I was a little puzzled with the result. The Turtleback and Camo edible plastics are still an extremely deadly bait and will still be catching bream when the current run of blades and hard body lures are retired to draws in the shed. In other fave bream waters of mine, I’ve got most fish on unweighted Squidgy Wrigglers that I twitch just below the surface. Shimano Holiday Pack Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod Fuji Closed Length 44.5cm. Do you really think I would be dumb enough to persist with it if my catch rates were compromised? Firstly, it’s just about impossible to prove any colour works better than another and even if you did, it would probably change on a daily or monthly basis due to water temperatures or clarity, light levels, or maybe even the mood of the fish. Many bream aficionados swear by the variety of teeny plugs made by Fort Smith-based Rebel Lures. 50Pcs/Pack Fishing Hooks Octopus High-carbon steel $ 5.00 Add to cart. As long as we all know colour is important to the eyes of an angler and not a fish, logic shall again prevail. But when the bite is slow, adding a waxworm or redworm adds attraction that may turn fish on. Myth 5: Blades are deadly on breamHardly a comp goes by these days where metal blades don’t account for most of the bream weighed in. When fishing spinners, the key concern is again choosing the right size. On some recent cool mornings nice bream were landed with crickets and worms. But the same fly-fishing lures used to coax a rainbow or brown trout to bite often work great on big sunfish, too. I’ve been doing this with the very first packets of 80mm Wrigglers I ever purchased all those years ago and according to most, it should have stopped me from catching fish. Others have a hook molded into the plastic. However, over time I have more than held my own and I can assure you of one thing – I hook plenty and hardly ever lose big fish. Sign-up to receive the twice-weekly email newsletter. Try casting 2-4” super flukes, bucktails, crankbaits or any shad-imitation lure around the schools of shad. SO you’ve been successfully luring bream for years now and the last thing you want to read is another repetitive “how to” article. You're in Fishing Gear. SPs are deadly over shallow sand flats and jigging deep. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. Madam X Fly – Yellow $ 2.45 $ 2.21; Sale! I know I am completely sucked in and I know why. 1/2- to 1-inch bodies, but you’ll still have to select from the thousands of styles and colors available. Made from 100% lightweight fiberglass, the BreamBuster Pole features a leatherette wrapped handle for comfort and a cylindrical shape that maintains the original action which makes bream and bluegill so much fun to catch. Always fish the spinners slow, but they work great in deep water or shallow and can be presented by casting, jigging or trolling. A good mate of mine, Rick Morrison, hooks heaps of bream on blades and all he ever uses is 7kg leaders. Deep Diver Minnow Lures 75mm $ 2.00 Add to cart. Keith Sutton A hungry sunfish, if one is near, will soon rush in to strike. This is no myth and absolutely confirmed. I have mates who have even developed a technique for slowly trolling blades and catching big numbers of bream, so if you have yet to get on the blade bandwagon, well, it’s time to get into some heavy metal, man. Logic tells us that fish are a very visual predator and thus have no real need to smell or taste the active prey items our lures are supposed represent. Baitcasting 6ft Black-Ops SK Korean Graphite Lure Rod Bream, Bass, Flathead.. Pauls Best Snapper Lures For Melbourne Metro Fishing. I have, in fact, influenced a few mates who do rather well in the bream comps to double the size of their leaders to five or even 6kg and guess what? Maybe a fish just finally turned up? Fishing Gear › bream fishing bait. Their 15/15, 9.34kg three-day bag of bream won them $1,000 cash and an assortment of Ecogear lures and accessories for their outstanding performance. Personally speaking, I’ve never been scared to experiment and by doing so I’ve discovered some very interesting things that seem to fly in the face of commonly held beliefs. Blades and vibes are a deep water dream come true and help win a lot of comps. I can’t quite call it busted, so the question of scents just makes it into the plausible basket. A good combo should cost all up $150 – $250. Daiwa TD Commander Backfire 2019 6102ULFS Finesse Bream Trout Rod . Myth 3: Lure colours are criticalWell, here’s a topic everyone has an opinion on. They also can’t believe how or even why they went so light for so long. Bust out yourselfSo these are just a few topics I have discussed with a lot of anglers over recent times and there are plenty more. Right? Those favorites — the ones you develop confidence in — are the ones you should use most often. These have the spinner blade at the end of a wire arm. When using the Ligon Bream Killer on a Popper/Dropper Rig we suggest using at least a popper with a hook size 6, size 4 may even be better. Convince me about scents and I’ll believe it. This will also get my numbers up when spending a whole day on the water. In other words, they see or sense the lure and hit it. A dead and motionless bait, on the other hand, may indeed require a fish to sniff or taste it before eating. Bream Lure. Try to pick those that resemble natural forage such as mayflies and other insects. A bit of saliva keeps the tail fully extended and “wiggly” when retrieved. Minnow Lures. Bridge and Bream Buster Lakes are still the best for bream fishing lately. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. They just see too much of the same thing. I usually fish hair jigs without bait, relying on rod-tip movement to give the lure life. Try casting 2-4” super flukes, bucktails, crankbaits or any shad-imitation lure around the schools of shad. To reach big bluegills that are 4 to 12 feet below the surface, for example, anglers often use a 10-foot, sinking-tip line attached to their standard floating fly line. Position the jig over a clear spot in the cover; then slowly lower the jig. Shop with confidence. If the animal moves, it’s going to sink, so most move very little. Another important element in presenting lures to bream is what I call “the foamy water syndrome”. Why in the hell won’t anyone be brave and upgrade their line classes and stop the silly angling with cotton-like lines? The very latest custom blank technology and highest quality components deliver unequalled sensitivity, power and balance. The best usually have 1/100- to 1/32-ounce heads and. Go Bream Fishing with the High-Quality Jigs, Lures & Tackle available from Slater's Jigs - choose the Right Gear for Bream Fishing with our World Famous Fishing Poles, Reels & Jigs. Deep Diver Minnow Lures 95mm $ 2.20 Add to cart. Both types of lures are suited for differing habitat scenarios. Use a tube, hair or marabou jig so little movements will give the lure action. I’ll start off with a fairly juicy and smelly topic. I reckon most anglers swear this is actually fact. Blakemore Road Runners are among the most familiar in this group. 6 watching. Floating plugs are great for nabbing bluegills, too. You will find we stock a wide variety of all the popular brands including ranges of lures that are often favoured in bream fishing circuits and tournaments. Nocturnal Tendencies. Stick to small versions. Stay home? If no strikes are forthcoming, pull the jig out, and move to the next spot. Fishing World is Australia’s premier and longest established fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Bushy the Bream Buster. Cane poles remain a popular choice for occasional fishermen; more-serious anglers use fiberglass poles such as the Bream Buster, marketed by B’n’M Poles of West Point. In reality, though, can it be proved? Bream fishing requires a minimum amount of tackle, and you can use just about any tackle to catch bream, as long as the hook isn't too large. Safety-spinners are more like those commonly used for bass fishing, except smaller. Tube Tail Jig Heads $ 2.30. Sadly with so many anglers fishing extra light and breaking off leaders, the bream are suffering as well. Tube Body Jig Bar Head $ 2.30. Myth 6: Fishing almanacsI better declare my hand early on this one and get you ready for a complete busting! Bream Busters were Australia’s first purpose-designed lure rods for bream spinning and Ian has maintained that leading status with continual development. Bluegills find them irresistible, and tiny hair jigs weighing just 1/100 to 1/48 ounce tend to be real killers. This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. Material from the Associated Press is Copyright © 2020, Associated Press and may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. If you prefer fishing with artificial lures, however, you’re in luck. Bream Lure Fishing Tackle. Myth 1: Scents – do they work?The new breed of soft plastics these days all seem to come with added scents and I know there are a lot of anglers who swear by them. Mike’s Mackie Bug Black and Red #8 $ 1.70 $ 1.53; Sale! John, AKA The Fish Locker heads out in his boat in search of bass and gilthead bream in his home waters. This bream couldn't resist a scent-laden Bekley Gulp! Maybe I’ve only ever caught about half as many fish as I should have? Or adding the scent made your lure sink a little more or changed its action. Lures worked too fast or aggressively make the fish wonder if they should really be eaten. ( When tying the jig, pull the knot to the top of the eyelet so the lure rides perpendicular to the line. To be guided by an almanac is just so impractical and, anyway, who says nothing is learned by not catching a fish? Copyright © 2020, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. 4” Berkley Gulp Turtle Back soft plastic camo coloured curl tail worm is a good choice. Bluegills like to inspect a meal before gobbling it up, so you don’t want the lure to move too fast, or it may be ignored. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing. Jigs Add to Cart. You know, I really want these attractants to work because I’ll then buy them and it will mean more fish landed for me, but somehow I have big doubts. What are you gonna do? As far as all other standard luring practices with hard bodies and softies, I’m more than convinced my 8kg leaders and 6lb or 8lb FireLine makes no difference to my catch rates. Bream and crappie poles are good crossover units. This said, I don’t enjoy losing expensive lures either so a sensible balance is needed. Bream fishing is a common method to introduce young people to fishing, and it's popular among everyday anglers. In my view, many hard-core lure anglers seem set in their ways and are often blinkered to new opportunities. My favorite bluegills jigs are those with hair bodies, especially squirrel-hair jigs. When bream have stopped spawning and are holding in deeper water, nymphs and wet flies are favored by many fly fishermen. Bream : The bream bite has been slow. Bream tend to travel in large numbers, so it's not uncommon to catch 50 or 60 fish on one trip. The soft plastic has a texture like real food, so fish may mouth these lures longer than hard artificials, giving extra time to set the hook. They are all totally foreign aromas to our quarry, yet some are supposed to attract and others repel. Yes, I realise 8kg sounds radical but I’ve used these leaders for more than 10 years. … It seemed to make no difference at all and I caught fish just like any other day out.