Cheerful and inquisitive, Westies like to be the center of attention. Their coats are either short and dense or long and wiry. We rescue, vet and transport small dogs from southern kill shelters to find their loving forever homes in the Northeast. What these pups lack in size, they more than make up for in loyalty, playfulness, and plenty of cuddles. Bostonians are particularly fond of this hometown pup, and since 1979, the Boston Terrier has been the official dog of Massachusetts! Sometimes referred to as little Viking dogs, Swedish Vallhunds are energetic, cattle-herding watch dogs. Don't be fooled by these puff ball's cuddly coat, the Pomeranian's playful demeanor will keep you active with short daily walks. Discovered in the African Congo, the Basenji is an intelligent and independent hound dog, with upright ears for hunting and a short coat which makes them perfectly suited to hot climates. View all dogs for sale in Dublin or Cork. Tips. Despite their small size, the German Spitz is an excellent watchdog. And they typically have lower food and medication costs than large breeds. Originally a Hungarian herding dog, the Pumi (or Pumik plural) is pretty adorable for a hard-working dog, with a thick, curly coat, almost reminiscent of a poodle’s. Cheerful and energetic, Havanese dogs make affectionate companions for any household. It's also free to list your small dogs with us. 1,533 talking about this. Inspiration. However, they make themselves heard with an odd yodeling sound instead! Related: 25 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. If you are looking for a new loving puppy I would definitely recommend adopting from them. Our small dog adoptions service helps small dogs find owners – and small dog lovers find the perfect pooch. Bred as herding dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are quick, agile, and loyal protectors who love lots of play time! Popular amongst city-dwellers, Yorkies are brave and smart, with a little bit of an attitude and a lot of glorious hair. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. What Papillons lack in size, they make up for in playfulness. Despite its dour appearance, Bulldogs are affectionate, amiable, low-energy, and mellow. Most notably, however, the "barkless dog" makes an odd chortle-like sound instead of a typical "woof. In this section, you can browse a list of breeds by A-Z or use our Dog Finder Tool to find the perfect breed to suit your lifestyle. North Pomfret, VT: Trafalgar Square Publishing. One of the most well-known and well-liked small dog breeds, French Bulldogs, or “Frenchies,” are playful, fun-loving, and absolutely adorable. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Fearless and fun-loving, Min Pins require a lot more activity than their 10-pound frames suggest. They're dapper and intelligent and love lots of attention. Lhasa Apsos are sturdy and quite active, but they are also happy to curl up for a nap alongside their favored owners. Even the most well-behaved puppy will destroy shoes, clothing, paper, remote controls, telephones, leashes, dog beds, carpeting…anything and everything. Australian Terrier. Beagle. Sorry, comments are currently closed. They also come in a smooth-coated variety, called "brabancons.". Unlike the American variation, English Cocker Spaniels retained a lot of their hunting instincts. RELATED: 30 Indestructible Dog Toys for the Pet That Loves to Chew. Pugs are smart, cheerful, playful, and loving. Here are the best small dog breeds that can live comfortably in small homes. All puppies for sale near me also include descriptions under their names and images so you can learn a little about your potential furry family member. Yorkshire Terriers, or “Yorkies” as they are often called, are small (not to mention luxurious) but mighty. These little lions are very loving and responsive, making them an ideal family companion. While they are lively and like variety, they are a loyal, laid-back pet, ideal for apartment living. Affectionate and excellent with children, the Boston terrier doesn't have the fiery temperament of a typical terrier. In addition to their interesting look, Affens are entertaining, curious, and affectionate. Cairn Terrier. These funny and outgoing little pups are the national dog of Cuba (hence the name) and make loyal family companions. Besides, who could resist that squishy face? Known as “the Diehard,” the Scottish Terrier is a tough, clever, and determined animal. Big names for little dogs are understandably popular, after all, who doesn’t love ironic dog names! Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket 4.6 out of 5 stars 17,737. However, while these glossy-coated miniatures do love the chase, they are devoted and affectionate lap dogs who are always happy to cuddle. Get them outside, and they're quite the happy campers. Lancashire Heelers are small, sturdy working terriers, often used in cattle herding. For even more doggie-themed fun, check out these 50 hilarious dog puns that’ll get you barking with laughter. Please submit an adoption survey to begin the process and then stop in during our regular business hours to meet our available dogs! This means that your small breed dog could be eating the same food from the time she graduates from puppy … Recipes. With their unique and adorable otter-like faces, wiry coat, and affectionate nature, Border Terriers make excellent companions for both adults and children. Be prepared for some of their, ahem, more vocal qualities as well. Complete with a soft, fluffy, and hypoallergenic coat, the Bichon Frise is as fancy-looking as its name would suggest! They're so lovable that the ancient Greeks even built tombs in their honor. These bold and bearded pups are remarkably self-assured, stubborn, and mischievous. With their corkscrew curls and big, bashful eyes, Pumis are the cutest breed of dog that you've never heard of. With your help, we can make this happen, ensuring that 50 underdogs, the pups that most families ignore, can find a warm and loving home, before the holidays hit. That gorgeous, silky fur has an additional upside too: It's hypoallergenic! Small dog breeds are popular for several reasons. Hodowla zarejestrowana w SWKIPR, które należy do PPK, który jest członkiem międzynarodowej organizacji WKU. As one of the smallest dogs (even among tiny dog breeds! Reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, whippets are the fastest animal of their size, according to the American Kennel Club. Upbeat and playful, Portuguese Podengo Pequenos enjoy a lot of activity, but can also be loving companions. Another “Lion Dog” originating in China, the Shih Tzu is a sturdy, lively, and sweet pet, perfect for a family with children. Delicate and elegant-looking Italian Greyhounds share the larger Greyhound’s sighthound characteristics. May we introduce you to the Alaskan Klee Kai — this dog looks just like a husky, but will only weigh up to 15 pounds. They're intelligent with a desire to please, which makes training a breeze. ISBN 1-57076-219-8 . However, they are moderately compact and while they are bold and adventurous by nature, they can be calm and amiable indoors. Furkids Dog Shelter saves hundreds of homeless dogs each year that are in need of caring, lifelong homes. There are three sizes of Eskie: standard, miniature, and toy, with the smallest of these standing at only around nine inches tall. As the name suggests, smooth-coated, pointy-eared Rat Terriers were bred to hunt rats and other rodents. They will instinctively chase and hunt animals (and cars), so owners need to be especially vigilant. This sweet little dog is one of the best small dogs for kids, with a gentle demeanor, quiet nature and love of companionship. These spaniels weigh slightly more than their popular American counterparts, but their merry personalities win over families just as easily. They're intelligent, although sometimes they exhibit a stubborn streak. Small breed dogs typically live longer than large breed dogs. Also, they are bright, cheerful, and friendly companions, perfect for urban living. Though also initially wary of strangers, in the right household, Eskies are lively, eager to please, and playful. Naturally adventurous, they love to explore and chase, so daily exercise is a must for these independent pups. Plus, they're hypoallergenic! The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a regal name with a regal appearance to match! It looks as though you’ve already said that. Chihuahua. Bolognese, or “Bolos,” are a member of the Bichon family of dogs (along with the Bichon Frise, Maltese, and Havanese breeds) and possess similar qualities. With a thick fluffy coat, curling tail, and a small fox-like face, the Japanese Spitz is often likened to an all-white Pomeranian. They are cute, fluffy, white, hypoallergenic, low-shedding, and can accommodate apartment living well. We've Got Tons of Info to Help You Decide. ... Rolo is a active little Jack Russell terrier. Due to its charming personality and appearance, this small dog breed is incredibly popular. You are posting comments too quickly. Although it's tough to distinguish between all of the small white dog breeds out there, this one counts as one of the oldest. Calm and fairly low-energy, Bolos are loving and devoted companions. While they're quite intelligent and naturally affectionate, Havanese are also more energetic than most toy breeds and require daily exercise. Papillons are named for their distinctive wing-like ears, as the name means ‘butterfly’ in French. Dachshunds, sometimes also called “Sausage Dogs” were scent hounds originally bred to hunt tunneling animals such as badgers, rabbits, and even foxes! RELATED: 40 Famous Dogs from Movies and TV Shows Who Stole Our Hearts. Boston Terriers make quite a dapper picture with their distinctive tuxedo-like coat. No matter where you live, small dog … RELATED: The 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds From Your Childhood, Basenjis originally worked as hunting dogs in Africa, prized for their intelligence and independence. Hodowla Little DOG, Masłonskie, Częstochowa, Poland. There are 60+ small dog breeds in our list. RELATED: 22 Healthiest Dog Breeds With the Least Health Problems. Many also do well in homes and apartments with limited space. Who knows? Most dog owners would agree that having a dog isn’t just about having a pet, but, more importantly, about having a companion. With big puppy dog eyes, floppy hound ears, and a happy-go-lucky personality, the Beagle is a widely popular family dog, especially in America. Find a puppy or dog for sale today. With their long, elegant, silky white coats, Maltese dogs were historically a favored breed among the upper class. Thinking big(ger)? Boston Terrier. Schipperkes are a small Belgian breed of dogs that are independent and active. Most lap dogs weigh less than 22 pounds and are shorter than 16 inches. They have a uniquely sloped appearance, with their head sloping down to their hindquarters. All healthy puppies grow quickly after birth. They are known for their loyalty and being especially devoted to their owner. Lamb-like in appearance, Bedlington Terriers are named for where they were first bred in England. Check out more mixed-breed, medium-sized and large dog breeds. RELATED: 21 Perfect Gifts for the Best Dog Mom in the World. However, despite their bravado, Brussels Griffons are devoted to their owners – as long as their owner is not a roughhousing child. First, they're considered "portable," meaning they can fit in little carriers to accompany their owners on trips. With so many different breeds in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right dog can seem pretty difficult. As the name would suggest, Miniature Bull Terriers are a smaller version of the larger Bull Terrier, and they share many of the same qualities, especially their distinctive, egg-shaped heads and sturdy bodies. While their outer coat can sometimes reach 8 inches of length, Havanese do not shed. Why trust us? Get ’Em Here! At PuppySpot you can rest assured that your new puppy is coming from a vetted, responsible breeder. Originally bred to keep foxes away from farms in the border country between Scotland and England, Border Terriers like to stay active, but are otherwise happy in either the country or the city. Small dogs are part of many AKC groups, so there is a perfect breed for every lover of little dogs when it comes to personality, activity level and coat type. Basset Hounds certainly have a distinct appearance with their heavy body, short legs, huge paws, mournful eyes, and long, drooping ears. Clever and attentive, Aussies can be easy to train. Charlotte Dog club was amazing! Löwchens’ long and thick coat is usually trimmed to resemble a lion, with a large mane and plumed tail. Puppies for adoption are available all-year-round at animal shelters and rescue groups on, a great place to begin a search on where to adopt a puppy. Do not sell my personal information. Though usually devoted to their owners, these dogs are independent and are often more aloof with their affection. Plus, they're great with kids! A puppy's coat color may change as the puppy grows older, as is commonly seen in breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier. Empty comment. Thanks for signing up! $29.89 - $99.99 #13. Here are 32 small dogs who make great companions for those who live in apartments or condos. Queen Elizabeth II famously doted on her “Royal Corgis,” which were Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Above all, they aim to please and are affectionate with anyone and everyone. Puppy behavior: Sure, puppies are super-cute, but simply put, puppies are adorable, relentless machines of destruction. If you like strong-minded, independent dogs, Scotties are a perfect match! Refresh your page, login and try again. Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, these loyal and energetic dogs prove that good things do come in small packages — about five pound packages, to be exact. Beagles have great temperaments — they're spirited and intelligent, playful, loyal, and friendly. Detailed profiles of more than 200 dog breeds. With the tiny stature of a Yorkshire terrier and the intelligence of a miniature poodle, this playful, mixed breed dog makes the perfect pet for families. Don’t let their luxurious appearance fool you, however. While friendly and affectionate, Jack Russells are incredibly high-energy pets that thrive in an engaging, active environment. A List of Small Dog Breeds from A - Z. A longtime companion of Japanese royalty, these regal pups make a sweet and cuddly lap dog. Beyond being excellent exterminators (hello, city-dwellers), they're loyal, cheerful, and have a silky-smooth coat. A member of the toy group, these pups are alert, curious and loyal. With the Cavalier, you get the best of both worlds: they are gentle, doting house pets in addition to being outdoor adventurers. Our little cavapoo puppy is prefect! If you want a clever, sassy pet with a low-allergen coat, the Yorkshire Terrier is the dog for you! They are great herders, watchdogs, and all-around family companions. HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies (Rubber Ducks, Small) 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,772. RELATED: 15 Best Apartment Dogs for City Dwellers. These slender dogs have a long history (President John Tyler bought one for the First Lady in the 1840s) and they have the same sweetness of their taller greyhound cousins. Biewer Terrier. RELATED: The Best Dog Food Brands You Can Buy for Your Pup. Have you been looking for a small breed dog for adoption near you?Pet Adoptions Network can help you find the right set of tiny paws. They require little exercise, making them ideal for apartment living. Basenji. Who doesn’t like seeing a dog in a cute sweater? RELATED: The 20 Best Dogs for Kids and Families. Rumor has it that Teddy Roosevelt coined the name of this pint-sized terrier. Even though all poodles are considered one (extremely intelligent) breed, they come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. See male, female or free dogs only. EMME Dog Bed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs Orthopedic Dog Beds with Plush Foam Mattress Joint Relief Washable & Removable Cover Deluxe Dog Couch Sofa Style Pet Bed 4.5 out of 5 stars 426. Additionally, however, Rat Terriers are loyal, fun-playful, and adventurous. Low to the ground and thick-coated, their appearance is similar to corgis. But it also shows that within your pup’s tiny form is … We are a community of dog lovers committed to helping you find the perfect puppy for your experience level, family, and home. If you live in an apartment or you just don't have a ton of space for a large pet, then these small-statured dogs may be the perfect fit for you. These non-shedding dogs are known for being unbelievably happy, loving, and lovable. Dogs: The Ultimate Guide to Over 1,000 Dog Breeds. You may just find a corgi worthy of The Queen of England. Like Jack Russells, these dogs are incredibly outgoing. An email has been sent to you. Most dog owners would agree that having a dog isn’t just about having a pet, but, more importantly, about having a companion. It looks as though you’ve already said that. We’ve rounded up some of the most friendly and tiny breeds of toy dogs (not to be confused with dog toys) — small dog breeds that typically weigh in at 7 to 35 pounds. The Löwchen, or “Little Lion” dog as it means in German, certainly lives up to its name. It's a short emotional story-driven exploration game that will keep you interested with an immersive story and lovable characters. Loyal and affectionate, the cocker spaniel is the perfect play pal for a child. Puppies for Sale. Plucky and happy, border terriers are known to be a tough, working breed. The Lhasa Apso is a dog breed from Tibet which has been around for a thousand years! If you’ve ever seen a Danish-Swedish Farm Dog, you may have mistaken it for a Jack Russell Terrier, since they are remarkably similar in appearance. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Friendliest Medium-Sized Dog Breeds to Adopt, 100+ Unique Dog Names for Every Kind of Pup, A Definitive Ranking of the Cutest Dog Breeds. We are trying to save 50 more dogs, before the end of 2020. They're feisty, especially with other dogs, and don't get along well with cats. Slow down. They're independent and stubborn but very loyal and faithful to their families. Therefore, as pets, they require regular activity and exercise to stay happy and healthy! Sorry, comments are currently closed. Find small dogs and puppies for sale from breeders including Maltese, Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Pomeranians. The intelligent workers can be stubborn and extremely energetic. Lakeland Terriers are long-legged and self-confident, with a whiskered face and adorable folded V-shaped ears. If you need more convincing, this is the breed of Sophie Turner's adorable pup. The miniature variety typical weighs in at a manageable 15 to 17 pounds. There was an error in your submission. Browse through this page to find many dogs and puppies looking for loving homes, all of which are free! Puppies & dogs for sale. When they’re not too busy reenacting classic literature stories as Wishbone, Jack Russell Terriers are probably busy either digging holes and making friends. Caroline is the Health Editor at covering nutrition, fitness, wellness, and other lifestyle news. North Pomfret, VT: Trafalgar Square Publishing. Small dog Rescue Sussex Ltd is a UK based dog rescue run by a dedicated team. With their happy, fun-loving personalities, these dogs love to play and get along great with children and other pets. RELATED: 15 Miniature Dog Breeds That Are Just Too Cute. Their sense of smell makes them excellent trackers, and they are tenacious about following leads. Some puppies for sale may be shipped Worldwide and include crate and veterinarian checkup. It's no wonder the big-eared pooches are becoming increasingly popular, especially in big cities. Refresh your page, login and try again. You seem to be logged out. Celeb interviews, recipes, wellness tips and horoscopes delivered to your inbox daily. The Shiba Inu, the internet’s favorite Japanese hunting dog, can be small to medium-sized in stature. Don't you wish that your dog could stay a cute little puppy forever? However, Swedish Vallhunds have longer legs and shorter bodies, which enables them to run with more ease and agility. Bichon Frise. English Cocker Spaniels are clever, compact land hunters, able to find wild game during hunts. Includes personality, history, dog pictures, dog health info, and more. Pomeranians or “Poms” have vibrant personalities and luxurious coats, which set them apart as a particular favorite in the Toy Group of small dog breeds.